In memory of my beautiful sister in Christ who lost her life yesterday helping an elderly couple escape a car they had just wrecked. Lynda, your story lives on, your legacy is great, your heart was full of love and light. I am beyond honored to have known you but also to have been able to bear witness to the transforming power of Christ. You will be missed. Fly high with the angels in heaven!!

Coming Full Circle

This a story of redemption, of grace, of favor, and of HOPE! The picture you see of Lyndais faceless because she represents countless broken women whose faces some choose not to look at out of fear or just plain disgust. Please don’t turn a blind eye to this story. The Lord is raising an army out of the ashes of society. Are you going to just turn away? This is a hard, raw story to read, but God meets us ALL in our moments of pain then surrender! Lynda has HOPE through Christ!!

FullSizeRender (1)My testimony is one of instability, abuse, identity loss and the devil trying in a big way to take me out. I was put into foster care at the age of 4 due to severe mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Had it gone on much longer, it would have killed me. I don’t remember a whole…

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