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I watched my hand as it slowly dipped beneath the surface of the water, disappearing completely beneath the bubbles that floated everso gently. I prayed for the revelation in the wonder of this moment, in this portion of time where everything else stopped existing except my hand coming up to surface then diving deep into an unfocused, out of touch, pressurized version of itself.

I felt like a child seeing something new for the first time which actually wasn’t new at all, rather something I had taken for granted because it was so normal. As my hand sought refuge in the depths of the water, which was rather clear, it still became distorted and looked much different than when it was at the surface in its seemingly natural element. Even in the depths, it was still attached to ME.

God calls us to deep.

Proverbs 20:5 – The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.

God is so awesome and mysterious and may we never lose our wonder of His divine purpose for us. The water’s change color, the opacity shifts, the tides roll & waves crash over us in the depths of our destiny. The wind and waves still know HIS name! The earth is formed with intention and every living creature is made to survive by His command for HIS provision. The Lord makes things able to see in the darkness of the depths of the sea. He gives them light to source the things He offers them as they swim, seeking substance on the journey that He provides.

THE LORD SAYS: “I provide them with coverings to protect them from the elements, to keep them safe from harm, and I offer them safe passage through the water that is only lit up by the Light that illuminates from them because I give them Light. The pressure in the deep threatens to overtake them but in the preparation and the gentle way I take them down to the deep, I make it so they will not succomb.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of my waterfalls. All the breakers and waves sweep over but you are still attached to ME. My voice is over the waters. The world only sees the distortion from the surface of what lies beneath in the deep, but I see the perfect creation living out purpose. The world doesn’t understand.

Do not become a bottom dweller in the deep, a scavenger on the ocean floor, but become what I make you in the depths where I have called you. Dive, my child, into the water and listen to the roar of those calling, “Hallelujah”. Let the waves crash, let the storms stir up the ocean floor, let the hurricane winds blow and sweep over you and DO NOT BE MOVED. Swim…and do not be afraid or terrified before them.

In the deep you are safe. In the deep there is peace. Then, my child, surface again….and tell them.”