I love when things come back to me to remind me of God’s love for us and how He orchestrates EVERYTHING!

Coming Full Circle

I can’t tell you how many times I hear these words, “I am just me. There is nothing special about ME. I don’t have a testimony like YOU. My life is pretty normal. I am not making a difference. What do I have to offer? Does anyone even see me?” These words that I hear come out of the mouths of beautiful people causes my heart to break continuously, for if your purpose had not been fulfilled, you would still be here walking the earth. Everyone has a purpose and plan and your very own destiny is already written in God’s book. He ordained you and called YOU by name. You are HIS! You were CHOSEN! Your life was predestined! So, how could anyone say that their life and their story is not important.

Every single one of us have a different story that matters to SOMEONE. Sometimes we have…

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