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Plumb Perfection

Living Loving: The Lord, The Lost, The Lame, The Lonely

Part I

In early-mid March, 2017 my husband, David and I came down with flu-like symptoms that had become what seemed an epidemic in our neck of the Mississippi woods. It infected the upper respiratory system and sinus hitting us both hard. I ended up with pneumonia and a partial collapsed spot in my lower left lung.  I was home pretty much quarantined for 2 ½ weeks except to go out to the Doctor and hospital for treatment, a couple of X-rays and checkups. With the constant coughing, congestion and running fever, I had zero energy. I felt really weak and out of breath, not to mention pain in my lower left lung.  All of this  was very uncommon for my usual press-through-it, I-can –take- it, nothing-gets-me-down self. Well, this little bugger was different, not necessarily the infection…

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