I had to repost this. It was heavy on my heart today and I feel like someone needs it. I NEED THIS reminder. Who are my man-made idols? What do I put before God and His faithfulness? What is controlling me? Am I being controlled by the Spirit of God or am I allowing everything else in my life to rise above His voice and clamor for my attention? Am I loving the people in front of me? Beth Moore says it best, “Because only Christ can set us free, all other gods or idols – anything we use as a replacement for God – can only enslave.”

Coming Full Circle

kingdomMy life has consisted of a whole lot of wandering. I was blessed in my wandering because God saw fit that I saw another day, then another, then another. I attested miracles in my life to good ole luck and I never considered the actual Source of all things good. I was an Israelite, bound by the mistakes of my ancestors and destined to live a life not worth living. The manna that fell from the sky to nourish me wasn’t enough; the water in the wilderness to quench my thirst became a passing thought. The Red Sea that parted for me (more than once, I might add) became a long distant memory. The falling of the walls in my Jericho were almost expected, so that move in my life wasn’t appreciated. The years that the Lord sustained me, even though I was unsustainable, were taken for granted. My enemy would…

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