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How hard do you work for yourself? How much effort do you put into making sure that YOU are taken care of? How many things do you purchase with the excuse that “it’s your time” to be blessed? Are you, or will you ever be satisfied?

careful1Haggai 1:3-5 – Then the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai: 4 “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?”

5 Now this is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways.

The danger is that many people do either consciously or sub-consciously thing that they are God. These people were in danger of forgetting God, turning to their ways and doings, missing God and his wants. They said, “The time has not come for us to rebuild the Lords temple, so we will get on with building our own dwellings, we will use all our good things to make our homes like palaces after all, we owe it to ourselves after all that exile and trauma time for a bit of ME worship.” WOW. How foolish. First off, where do the things we so quickly covet come from and second, are we able to take it with us when we go home? It’s time to open our eyes, minds and hearts and know that God gave us all that we have and expects us to surrender it back freely with a glad heart. God wants us to be dependent on Him and not things, to love him and not ourselves.

careful2So many people work in the flesh and not in the spirit. Contamination rubs off on others so easily and I refuse to be contaminated.

I love it when people justify themselves by claiming to know what God wants. This is about priorities, what is important in our lives. We are to rely fully on God, always putting Him and His kingdom first. He wants to see our love but He gets our backs as we turn away and seek idols. He wants our company but he gets our shopping lists of wants. He desires to have our trust, but instead gets our dissatisfaction. Where is your happiness coming from?

You can read Haggai about visions and prophecy at www.biblegateway.com. What a testimony to God’s favor and mercy upon us all! Join in the discussion by posting comments or questions below and let’s do this together!! #ReadtheBible #bgbg2 #BibleGateway #newbeginnings #Haggai

To further your reading, consider this from:

careful3Lamentations 3:40 – Let us examine our ways and test them,
and let us return to the Lord.

We must not complain when God disciplines us. We should learn from it instead and be willing to adapt to His will. Correction is good for us, and helps us find out what our priorities should be.

Related Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 13:5; Psalm 119:59; 2 Samuel 7:2