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I think a LOT, but I don’t ever really catch myself thinking about where my next breath is coming from. It’s just a natural occurrence. I don’t concentrate too hard on the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere that enter my body in order to sustain my life. I don’t ponder the process of inhaling and exhaling, the ozone layer, the way oxygen is deprived from water and plants. I don’t consider the perfect amount of plants and water, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide it takes to preserve all of mankind, but God knows.

breath4I never thought about any of it, until it was gone. I’ll never forget the days leading up to my walking across the threshold of Jacob’s Well Ministries. As I stepped from one porch to another in the ghetto of Hattiesburg, MS, as was my custom, I found myself unable to breathe. I fell to the ground from an overdose and as my last breath was leaving my body, I was completely aware of the sin that had robbed me of my life. I was acutely attuned to the choices I had made which led me to the place where I lay. I had chosen to live my life as I pleased and I had completely forgotten how I came to the earth and that I was just passing through.

Psalm 39:12 (TLB) – Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry! Don’t sit back, unmindful of my tears. For I am your guest. I am a traveler passing through the earth, as all my fathers were.

I had suppressed the memory of Who had formed me in my mother’s womb.

breath2As I lied there in the middle of the road, I wondered… “Who really made the heavens and the earth to sustain me? Who breathed life into me and is now taking it away?” I was so engrossed in sin which had once promised freedom from listening to what anyone was trying to tell me to do but had eventually led to complete bondage. I found myself dying in the middle of the road, no more breath to speak of. I had drawn a blank on the concept of trusting and obeying. I had come to the notion that I could do a better job deciding my own boundaries than God could. When I found myself miraculously walking down the street again, I was fearful of looking behind me, afraid that I would see my own lifeless body lying in the road. I knew there was no reason for me to be alive…BUT GOD. I had to immediately cultivate a trust in a God I barely knew and could not see or touch because as I walked, I took a deep breath into my lungs and kept my heart beating until I could allow Jesus into it so He could then sustain me. I had to choose life over death, blessings over curses. Today, my heart beats only for Him, He is the air I breathe, He is the love I feel, and His Holy Presence moves me from strength to strength and glory to glory, even through the valleys. I had to die in order to find life in Him and Him alone. Take a deep breath; acknowledge where it comes from. Breathe life in and be grateful!

breath1You can read Psalm 37-40 and bask in the beautiful poetic musical prayers of those long ago at www.biblegateway.com. What a testimony to God’s favor and mercy upon us all! Join in the discussion by posting comments or questions below and let’s do this together!! #ReadtheBible #bgbg2 #BibleGateway #newbeginnings #Psalm

To further your reading, consider this from:

Ecclesiastes 11:5 (NIV) – As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.

God is at work….ALWAYS, even when we cannot see Him in our situation. Do you think I knew what He was up to when He picked me up off that street? Can we always see what lies ahead? No! But if only we TRUST that He knows what He is doing and has a plan for our lives that supercedes anything we could ever conjur up ourselves and has known about it since before we were even BORN!!!

Related Scriptures: John 3:8-10; Job 33:4; Genesis 1:1-2