This is the weekend and there is so much in the first 9 Chapters of Genesis that still need to be discussed, so many things that tug on my heart strings. I found this post this morning and it blessed me! May you read this and find encouragement this morning as I did! “See” you Monday to cover some of Genesis 10-18! Happy reading!

Coming Full Circle

Genesis 6:22 (NIV) – Noah did everything, just as God commanded him.

command1The world was flooded with evil, waves upon waves of sin swept over the hearts of those who once loved God. Adam and Eve’s descendants ran rampart, continuing to choose the easy way out and life was a circus for most. But Noah, he walked faithfully with God. Was he without sin? Absolutely not. In fact, he got plastered one day because of the overwhelming circumstances surrounding him and passed out naked in a cave only to be ridiculed by his son. However, his obedience to long term commitment changed the course of all creation, because he did ALL that the Lord commanded him.

Do you think his neighbors laughed at him? Do you think he may have faced opposition while preparing food and building rooms on a massive ship where there was no water that would hold…

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