I’m not perfect, but I am loved and adored anyway. I love this post and it speaks to me on many levels from then and now. I am so grateful that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-consuming.

Coming Full Circle

run1So many times in my life, I ran. I ran away from responsibility. I ran away from injustice. I ran away from drugs. I ran away from treatment centers. I ran away out of fear. I ran away because of doubt. I failed to see the truth nor did I want to. I ran away from myself. And it was tiresome. Every single time I ran away, I honestly believed I was running toward something. Even after finding Christ, I would run away from His will and into my own will and lose myself anyway, even before I came to the understanding that I was lost. I would be so stuck in myself and my desire to see change that I would completely forget where I came from. Here is the thing…my past can rob me silly of all things good if I allow it to. IF I ALLOW IT…

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