So relevant today as I fight against the cacaphony of voices in my head and seek peace through prayer. I am so very grateful to be alive this morning, rest assured that God loves me, will never leave me, and will never forsake me. The best is yet to come!

Coming Full Circle

sand1All it was meant to be was a grain of sand”…those are the words I woke up to in my spirit when I was napping yesterday. Quickly, almost instantaneously, the Lord spoke into my spirit the moments in my life that He was referring to and they flashed before my very eyes as I opened them to the world out of my deep sleep. I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and this is what came out of the revelation He was bestowing on me as I was still wiping the sleep from my eyes:

sand4I had a dream. The Hand of God was before me and I looked upon it with interest as He scooped up from the seashore a colossal amount of sand into His large hand. The sand represented my life and each grain was a moment of my life passing by as it slipped…

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