I’m sitting in a cesspool of emotions and feelings today. Crazy voices are clamoring for my attention while I have switched from waiting WITH hope to waiting FOR hope. I am not smart enough to run my life on my own. I tried and I failed…miserably. It’s time to get comfortable not knowing. It’s time I die to my old ways and my own timing and become alive to God’s will and way for me. I do not want to be unhappy and unfulfilled because I am too busy trying to make things happen instead of waiting patiently for God. The devil is sneaky. Satan knows that the flesh profits nothing. Time to sit back and enjoy the waiting game. There is something to me learned and I am ready for the lesson!!

Coming Full Circle

waiting1So many things lie in the peripheral, directly out of my line of sight, yet still very much engraved on my heart and my mind. So many moving parts, arranged outside of view, each part connected by thin strands weaving a web in which I can easily get caught up in if not careful about the path I choose. There is that word again…CHOICE. God directs my steps, yet sometimes I still stumble off the path only to get caught up in the strand of pointless emotion which then leads to bad decisions. I’m not a patient person and I am tried continuously because of my constant prayer over situations and circumstances surrounding my life, in the peripheral. I want to fix things, I desire to see conclusion to strange and uninvited interruptions in my walk with God. I don’t much enjoy the thorns in my flesh that pop up…

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