Coming Full Circle

choices7It is my choice to serve God. I have choices to make everyday…what time to get up, what to eat, sugar or sweetner, what to wear, which earrings, what time to leave, where to go, who to talk to, how to talk to them, blue or black, up or down, left or right, which utensil to use…you get the picture. Before Christ, my choices went like this…where to sleep, who to steal from, how much to steal, where to walk to, rest or no rest, which street to hustle from, drugs or alcohol, etc.  It was a point in my life when I divorced myself from an Absolute Source of absolute truth and to simply do whatever was right in my own eyes.  All these choices are important and have a direct impact on my life, small or big, but the most important choice I will ever make is the…

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