Reflecting this morning on the beauty of what God alone can do. He turns our ashes into something glorious for the world to see! Don’t allow the memories of yesterday to block your blessing today!

Coming Full Circle

As I sit here reflecting on the amazing ways God has touched me in the past year, I stand in awe. I am taken back to Friday morning this past week when I stood before my sisters in Christ and shared with them where I came from, how I allowed the enemy into my life, and how Jesus picked me up off the side of the road and pushed me in a direction I had never been before. The memories began to flood in like a swollen river and I was nearly overcome with emotion looking back on past mistakes. It was then that the revelation came that I want to share with you.

memories7I was put on this earth for a purpose. It was Satan’s job to get me out of line from that purpose and he did a pretty good job of it for a very long time…

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