I’m slowly stepping back into the arena where God called me. It’s a scary place and unbelief is at the forefront of nearly every decision made and I’m just being real. This week, the women of Jacob’s Well will be writing forgiveness letters, some of them will be forgiving themselves or others for the first time in their life here on earth. I am sharing this post so that those of you who read it can stand in the gap for us on the front lines who have the awesome privilege of witnessing such a powerful move of God and so that you can also pray for the women who will be set free! Thank you, Jesus, for your Grace and help us all with our unbelief! Those you call, you equip.

Coming Full Circle

milemarker6I have had several moments in my life that completely changed the course I was on, good or bad. Susan calls them “Mile Markers”, places of decision, big moments in time. Through all of my mile markers (and there are too many to count) I made decisions and I chose blame, fear, hate, resentment. I victimized myself; I became addicted to my story. I chose self-loathing, betrayal, envy, jealousy, malice, discord, depression, isolation, self-pity, shame, guilt, remorse. I got to a point where God no longer existed to me. Along with all of that, I put a lot of effort in pretending that I was someone I wasn’t. I wanted to be a good person, I just didn’t know how. I forgot who I was and I hated the world. I was reminded this week, in learning that the girls at Jacob’s Well were writing forgiveness letters, that it took…

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