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sand1All it was meant to be was a grain of sand”…those are the words I woke up to in my spirit when I was napping yesterday. Quickly, almost instantaneously, the Lord spoke into my spirit the moments in my life that He was referring to and they flashed before my very eyes as I opened them to the world out of my deep sleep. I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and this is what came out of the revelation He was bestowing on me as I was still wiping the sleep from my eyes:

sand4I had a dream. The Hand of God was before me and I looked upon it with interest as He scooped up from the seashore a colossal amount of sand into His large hand. The sand represented my life and each grain was a moment of my life passing by as it slipped through His hand, one by one, each grain of sand slowly and peacefully flowing through the fingers of His Mighty Hand. I took a grain of the sand and put it into the mouth of an oyster and willed it with all my might to become a pearl. I wanted it to be beautiful. I desired for it to grow. I wanted that moment to last a bit longer and tarry in the Hand of God, lasting longer than the other grains of sand. As the one grain stayed in the oyster, other moments were passing me by as they slipped unnoticed through the hand of God and I missed them because I was focused on the oyster and not on the grains of sand slowing passing through His hand. My attention was diverted from God and the oyster became my obsession. Meanwhile, while I wasn’t looking, God had taken His own oyster, and deposited into it His own grain of sand and it grew into a beautiful pearl but I wasn’t paying attention. By this time I was frustrated and more moments were passing me by because time doesn’t stand still for God and the sand continued to flow through His hand. I opened my oyster and found nothing but a grain of sand. I couldn’t will for it to become a pearl, so I chose to put it back into the hand of God and it passed through, just another moment of my life and for a moment I was saddened but not for long.sand3 You see? That grain of sand was not God’s best for me, it was never intended to be a pearl, it was only meant to be a grain of sand. Why do we take moments in our lives and force our will upon them when His best for us has already been prepared? How many grains of sand pass through time in His hand while we are being impatient with the one grain we chose for ourselves? When will we see that He alone can move time and space to put the right grain of sand into the right oyster and it isn’t random at all to Him? The pearls of our lives will stay in His hand for eternity as the rest of our lives pass us by, but only the ones HE chooses for us. So many times I have tried to make pearls when it was only meant to be a grain of sand. He has already prepared the most exquisite, beautiful pearl that will last into eternity.

This revelation was huge for me in this moment in my life. I’m free today, even more so today than I was yesterday, to seek His pearls for my life. The rest I am letting go of and I am allowing it slip through the fingers of His hand, as it should have all along. It was only meant to be a grain of sand…

world globe in an oyster shell on beachMatthew 13:45-46 (NIV) – 45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.46 When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”